Dear UW–Madison colleague,

To continue protecting the well-being of our campus community, UW–Madison is primarily moving to remote instruction for the fall semester beginning on November 30. We would like to get your feedback as we make plans for the spring semester.

Specifically, we want to know how the university can support you, whether you are already working on-site or will be at some future time. We also invite your input on improvements we can make in our response to COVID-19. You can give us this information and more by responding to our October Employee Survey.

If you completed the survey we sent out in August, you will recognize some of the questions. Your answers to these questions may be different now, as conditions have changed. We have also made some updates to the survey to reflect current conditions. For example, many UW–Madison employees are now facing additional family care responsibilities due to the pandemic. We would like to know how the need to balance work and family responsibilities is affecting employees, and how UW–Madison can provide support.

You can review the results of the August Return to the Workplace Survey on our website for employees at

To respond to the October Employee Survey, use this link: Please respond to this brief survey by Thursday, Oct. 22. You can complete the survey during your paid work time.

Your responses to the survey are confidential, and your individual responses will not be connected to your name. I encourage you to share your honest feedback.

We are now about eight months into our response to COVID-19 as a campus community. UW–Madison employees have shown remarkable patience, dedication, and adaptability in the face of unprecedented challenges. I would like to thank every one of you for doing your part to maintain health and safety. I hope you will help us again by responding to this new survey. Your input is important.

Stay well,

Mark Walters

Chief Human Resources Officer

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