October 13, 2020

We write to provide guidance specifically to graduate students regarding instruction after the upcoming academic recess, Nov. 26-29, 2020. Beginning Monday, November 30, in-person group instruction, including final exams, will be fully remote (you will receive information from your instructor).

All graduate students must consult their advisors and graduate programs to determine the course of action that best fits their educational situation. Graduate assistants should consult their supervisors for additional guidance. The UW-Madison campus will remain open for students who are not able to leave for the holiday break; however, some services will be more limited. Clinical training and graduate student access to libraries, laboratories, studios, practice rooms, and fabrication facilities will continue. Some in-person spaces to access technology and facilitate learning, such as libraries, computer labs and study spaces, as well as virtual learning spaces, will also remain open.

If you need to be on campus after the academic recess to complete your studies or coursework or perform your thesis research, we strongly recommend you stay in your Madison location and do not travel. Currently, infection rates at UW-Madison and in Dane County remain lower than most of Wisconsin, where infection rates are among the highest in the country. If you choose to return, we will ask you to strictly limit your interactions with others for 14 days upon your return. Monitor for symptoms and schedule a COVID-19 test if they develop, or if a close contact tests positive for COVID-19. Contact a health care provider if you need assistance.

If you do not need to be on campus after the academic recess, we recommend you return to your permanent address to complete your semester, or if Madison is your permanent address, that you limit travel during the break. This action is to help prevent spread and a potential outbreak of the virus that may occur when students travel (many to areas that could have higher infection rates than campus) and then return to Madison afterwards.

We’re asking everyone to follow this guidance to limit risk to your family, friends and home community, as well as Madison and Dane County.

Thank you,

William J. Karpus

Dean of the Graduate School

Steven Ackerman

Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education

Newsletter sent by the University of Wisconsin–Madison
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